Automatic feeding with the Triomatic T40, from Trioliet


Category: Products
Author: Marketing Ausama

The Triomatic T40 is the most advanced and well-known automatic feeding system that Trioliet offers.

Automation is becoming increasingly important on modern dairy farms to produce milk more efficiently and profitably. At first glance it probably seems expensive, but on closer inspection Triomatic saves money, labour, time and energy.

And what is more important, Triomatic has a great impact on the health of the cattle, also reducing the costs of veterinarians and possible ancillary equipment.

With Triomatic we have 12 possible combinations of robots and kitchens, we can choose between 3 different robots and there are 4 food kitchens available: from the T10 to the T40.

The Triomatic T40 is the most complete system, it has multiple feed decks capable of handling raw feed components in the form of silo blocks or bales, with the number of raw feed components determining the number of feed decks Triomatic. The flats can store feed for several days in the form of silo blocks or bales still intact; this means that large amounts of feed can be stored in a small location. The cutting unit has two circular blades that cut the forage without altering the structure of the feed. 


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