Solomix 2 1600-2400 (L) VLH -T - Trailed mixer wagon - conveyor belt / chain
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  • 2 twin stream augers (22 mm flighting / 25 mm wings)
  • Trioform auger knives short
  • 2 reversible restrictor blades
  • Wide-angle PTO shaft with 1 3/8-6 profile
  • Adjustable and reversible drawbar with 40 mm drawbar eye (European standard)
  • 540 RPM drive line (1600L-2400) or a 1000/540 RPM drive line (2400L)
  • Tandem axle with 4 single wheels
  • Control by bowden cable
  • Wear ring
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Dual Flow: improved shape of the mixing tub and offset inserts
  • Discharge conveyor at front
  • Larger discharge door with rounded edges for better discharge
  • New stairs with platform and windows, in height adjustable arm for weighing indicator and guidance of hydraulic hoses with storage possibility


Discharge options
  • Rubber cover on discharge unit VL-B or VL-K (right or left)
  • Second drive motor conveyor belt (VLH-B)
  • Longer discharge units instead of standard
  • Longer discharge units with lateral offset on both sides, instead of the standard one
  • Elevated belt extension RHS length 0,9 / 1,2 m for conveyor belt (VLH-B)
  • Chain conveyor LHS instead of RHS (VLH-S)
  • Drive and cylinder for height adjustment of chain conveyor on 1 valve instead of standard (VLH-S)
  • Chain extension 1,2 / 1,5 / 1,8 m instead of 0,9 m (VLH-S)
  • Electric speed regulator cross conveyor belt / chain to both directions
  • Speed regulation cross conveyor with oil-pressure compensation 1 / 2 ways
  • Flow reductor for cross conveyor unit
Brake options
  • Pneumatic brakes with handbrake
Scale system 3-point
  • Triotronic electronic weighing system (2810 Bluetooth - can be connected via bluetooth with the free "Trioliet TFM App"
  • Programmable weighing indicator Triotronic 3610V with USB and SER connection
  • Other weighing options
Gearbox options
  • Reduction gearbox (i=1,7) 540 rpm only
  • Reduction gearbox (i=1,7) with cooling system for 1000 rpm systems
  • Shifttronic 2-speed reduction gearbox
  • Planetary gearbox (i=24,2) for 1000/540 rpm
  • Planetary gearbox (i=17,2) for higher auger speed
  • Electric operation for reduction gearbox
  • Stand alone unit electric operation reduction gearbox
  • Electric operation, basic unit
  • Electric operation for any extra accessory
  • Hydraulic operation of 2 restrictor blades
  • Hydraulic jack with bowden cable operation
  • Hydraulic jack with hand-pump
  • Drawbar Ø45 mm with 80 mm offset for weigh bar Ø64 mm
  • 80 mm ball coupling instead of drawbar eye Ø40, machine side, for weighbar Ø 64 mm
  • Lights LED
  • Heavy duty PTO shaft
  • Hay ring rubber (h +215 mm)
  • Hay ring steel low profile (h +0 mm)
  • Trioform auger knife short additional
  • Trioform auger knife long additional / instead of standard
  • Trioform auger knife short TC coating additional / instead of standard
  • Trioform auger knife long TC coating additional / instead of standard
  • Top knife set (incl. knife), per auger
  • Magnet on the back of the auger wing (per auger)
Tire options
  • Wheels 8x 235/75 R 17.5 (h -70mm)
  • Wheels 4x 435/50 R 19.5 with block profile
  • Forced steered tandem (master bar with Ø50 mm ball head attachment)
  • Welding part with K50 ball head for the attachment of the master ball
Other special options
Camera options
Feed management systems - TFM Tracker

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