FIMA 2018


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Author: Marketing Ausama

The 40th edition of the Zaragoza International Agricultural Machinery Fair was full of novelties.

With record attendance, from February 20 to 24, FIMA reaffirmed its position at the international level.

From Ausama, we participate in the fair with an exhibition of 460 m2 of the brands with which we work at the peninsular level. The equipment from Fella, Trioliet, Cosmo, SaMASZ, and the latest addition to our range of products, the German firm Weidemann, were chosen to respond to the demand of professionals in the sector.

The event also served as the official presentation of this latest firm, of which we have been exclusive importers since last January. To date, the market had been attended by the factory representative Werner Prahl, retired for reasons of age.

For Ausama, the Weidemann brand means covering many of our needs. The different types and sizes of machines offer suitable solutions for different industries, company sizes and orientations, and with the wide range of attachments, the machines can be used in many areas, becoming a multi-tool.

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