1-row potato digger

The AMS C66 1-row potato digger is mounted on the tractor's three-point hitch and is driven by the PTO shaft, transmitting the movement by chains on shafts. The front tips dig into the furrow by passing the potatoes and soil onto a sieving belt. As a result of the movement of the belt, the soil is released through the bars as the tuber moves towards the rear of the machine. Digging depth is regulated by rubber wheels. The conveyor belt is covered with side rubbers to protect the potatoes and facilitate their sliding. As an option, the digger can be equipped with a rear ejector, which directs the potatoes behind the machine, limiting damage while increasing cleanliness.
AMS C66 - 1-row potato digger
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Machine data
Working width [cm]67
Dimensions - L x W x H - [cm]148 x 135 x 115
Working speed [km / h]up to 5
Required power [HP]25
PTO [rpm]540
Weight [kg]255

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