BW 100 EVO

Bale wrapper

A unique feature of the BW 100 EVO satellite bale wrapper is its semi-automatic mechanism, which makes the machine capable of multitasking on the go (collecting straw, wrapping and unloading). Thus, it is possible to transport the bale while it is being wrapped. In addition, it is equipped with a system for placing the bale vertically to speed up its subsequent collection in the field.
BW 100 EVO - Bale wrapper
+ Information
Machine data
Machine dimensions - L x W x H - [m]2,30 x 1,50 x 2,70
Bale max. dimensions [m]1,20 x Ø 1,50
Bale max. weight [kg]800
Film width [cm]75
Weight [kg]850
Required power [HP]80
Hydraulic pressure required [Bar]180
Hydraulic connections required1 (DE) double acting
Tractor hydraulic pump flow [L/min]35
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