Polidozer - Rear scraper blade

The rear scraper blade, LNT, is an ideal machine for leveling and maintenance work on different types of floors, as well as for cleaning in stables. It hooks to the three points of the tractor and connects to the double acting hydraulic outlets, without the need for any additional equipment. The construction of the machine, and the reinforced central axis, confer high resistance to the structure, even for the most professional and heavy jobs. The LNT can be obtained in 3 different working widths (200, 250 and 300 cm) and each of them is available in two versions: with 2 (2A) or 3 (3A) hydraulic angles. Furthermore, in the version with 2 angles, it is possible to retrofit a conversion kit for the third angle, from mechanical to hydraulic. In this way, it becomes a machine suitable for whatever the requirements when it comes to leveling and cleaning.
LNT - Polidozer - Rear scraper blade
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Machine data
ModelLNT 2A-200LNT 2A-250LNT 2A-300LNT 3A-200LNT 3A-250LNT 3A-300
Working pressure [bar]180180180180180180
Blade width [cm]200250300200250300
Blade height [cm]505050505050
Required power [HP]80 - 10080 - 12080 - 12080 - 1008 - 12080 - 120
1st angulationHydraulics - 600Hydraulics - 600Hydraulics - 600Hydraulics - 600Hydraulics - 600Hydraulics - 600
2nd angulationHydraulics - 18ºHydraulics - 18ºHydraulics - 18ºHydraulics - 18ºHydraulics - 18ºHydraulics - 18º
3rd angulationMechanics - 40ºMechanics - 40ºMechanics - 40ºHydraulics - 40ºHydraulics - 40ºHydraulics - 40º
Weight [kg]610655690615660700
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