Self-propelled mixer wagon

Trioliet's self-propelled mixer wagons make it possible to load, mix and distribute cattle feed in different locations. 4 machines in 1!
These machines achieve fast, precise and efficient loading thanks to the cutting and loading system, while preserving the structure of the silo. With capacities ranging from 17 to 32 m3, Triotrac mixes the different ration components - long and short - without effort, even in large quantities, resulting in a homogeneous ration.
TRIOTRAC - Self-propelled mixer wagon
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Machine data
ModelTriotrac 1700Triotrac 2000Triotrac 2400Triotrac 3200
Capacity [m3]17202432
Total lenght [m]9,7010,2010,2511,35
Total width [m]2,442,442,442,44
Overall height [m]2,952,953,303,62
Track width outside wheels [m]2,382,382,382,50
Wheelbase [m]5,255,255,256,10
Ground clearance from belt [m]0,850,850,850,97
Cutting height (max.) [m]6,006,006,008,00
Cutting width [m]1,851,851,851,85
Depth of cut [m]0,400,400,400,40
Discharge height [m]1,081,081,081,20
Standard outside turning radius [m]14,0014,0014,0017,60
Tyres435/50 R22.5435/50 R22.5435/50 R22.5445/65 R22.5
Knives positions [pcs]881012
Auger mounted knives [pcs]5579
Diesel tank capacity [L]275275275275
Max. gradient in low speed [%]30303030
Work mode speed [km/h]0-200-200-200-20
Road mode speed [km/h]0-400-400-400-40

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