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All farmers would like to feed their animals more frequently and more effectively, but often the labor involved is the limiting factor.

Triomatic: more feed, less work and healthier cows

Trioliet's Triomatic, automatic feeding system allows this wish to become a reality without having to sacrifice time or despair with complex electronics or costly maintenance.

More frequent feeding and fresher feed result in higher feed conversion because cows absorb all the nutrients they need.

The average feed efficiency in Western Europe is 1.2-1.3 and Triomatic customers have seen it go as high as 1.5-1.7. Consequently, milk production would increase, health and quality of life would improve, and fertility and average life would increase among cattle. Furthermore, an increase in feed efficiency of 0.1 would save around €150 per year in feed costs per head of cattle.

The right Triomatic for every farmer

The automated feeding process includes food preparation, mixing and ration distribution. Thus, the system consists of two parts: a robot and a food kitchen. Triomatic has 12 possible combinations:

Choose between 3 different robots

A feeding robot can feed between 50 and 700 head of cattle, approximately 12 times a day, and in the same system we can use several robots.

Thanks to the design of the mixing tank with two vertical augers, the forage is mixed vertically and horizontally, following the “double flow” principle. Thus, perfectly mixed rations are produced, preventing the animals from selecting the food.

  1. Triomatic HP 2 300: Suspended from a steel rail, electrically powered. Not dependent on ground surface or outdoor weather conditions

  2. Triomatic WP 2 300: On wheels and with electric power. It can move one meter on each side, so it is also suitable for wide feeding aisles. Maximum slope of 5%.

  3. Triomatic WB 2 250: on wheels and with battery

4 food kitchens available

  1. Triomatic T10 control panel: The simplest system for the control of silo towers and feed dosing systems from other manufacturers.

  2. Triomatic T20 with stationary mixer(s): for farmers who want to provide a single, basic ration. The mixers are powered by electricity and are available with 1, 2 or 3 vertical augers and a capacity between 7 and 52 m3. Processing of any type of food.

  3. Triomatic T30 has a kitchen with storage bunkers for coarse fodder and all kinds of feed with max. 15 cm long fiber.

  4. Triomatic T40 is the most complete system, with several feeding decks for interconnected silo blocks and/or bales. The cutting unit has two circular blades that cut the forage evenly, without altering the structure of the feed.

A wide range of options can be added to the kitchens: control for silo towers, liquid dispensers, mineral mixer, …

Triomatic software and controls

The robot manages and controls the kitchen, sending Wi-Fi signals. In it, there is a control panel with a touch screen where you can enter the food, the portions, groups and subgroups. In addition, the settings can be accessed via the internet on a computer, tablet or smartphone, and errors are sent via text messages. It is also possible to configure the connection with a management software through the TFM TRACKER power management program. The farmer only has to load the kitchen with fresh feed, the system takes care of the rest.

Is Triomatic a good option for me?

Automation is becoming increasingly important on modern dairy farms to produce milk more efficiently and profitably. At first sight it probably seems expensive, but if we take a closer look, we find that it is actually cheaper than conventional feeding: Triomatic saves money, labour, time and energy.

A survey of farmers working with Triomatic shows that milk production increased by approximately 10%, feed efficiency increased by approximately 15-20%, energy costs decreased by 60%, and labor was reduced. can reduce by 80%.

Automation means considerable time savings for the farmer, simplifying the farm management process. Raw feed can be stored in the feed kitchen for several days. You decide when you want to charge it, which provides great independence in daily life. The animals receive their sustenance while, for example, you spend a day with your family or prepare the silo.

But more importantly, Triomatic has a great impact on the health of the cattle, also reducing the costs of veterinarians and possible ancillary equipment.

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