2080 LP T

Tele wheel loader

LP in Weidemann means "low position." Thanks to the low position of the driver's position and the seat, the machine has a low design height, so that it can pass smoothly through low steps. In addition, this allows the operator to comfortably access the machine and moves the center of gravity closer to the ground. In addition, the LP T models have a robust telescopic arm, giving you significantly greater lift height and reach.
2080 LP T - Tele wheel loader
+ Information
Engine data
ModelTD 2.9 L4 S5TCD 2.9 L4 S5
Engine output [kW / CV]45 / 6155,4 / 75
At maximum rpm [rpm]23002300
Cylinders [units]44
Displacement [cm3]29002900
CoolingWaterWater + Charge air
Exhaust standardStage VStage V
Exhaust after-treatmentDPF1 + DOC2DPF1 + DOC2

1 DPF: Diesel particulate filter
2 DOC: Diesel oxidation catalytic converter

Level 1 [km/h]7
Level 2 [km/h]20
Optional [km/h]28
Operating data
Operating weight [kg]4400
Tipping loads*
(According ISO 14397 - EN474-3)Retracted / extended
With bucket straight [kg]2437 - 2556 / 1359 - 1437
With bucket articulated [kg]2041 - 2152 / 1139 - 1219
With pallet fork straight [kg]2177 - 2266 / 1287 - 1364
With pallet fork articulated [kg]1796 - 1907 / 1053 - 1125

* Horizontal loading frame

Lift cylinder [units]1
Tipping cylinder [units]1
Work hydraulics pressure [bar]235
Work hydraulics discharge volume [l/min]57,5
Driving hydraulics working pressure [bar]450
Steering system
SteeringHydraulic articulated pendulum steering
Articulation angle [º]45
Oscillating angle [º]± 12
Steering cylinder [units]1
Filling volumes
Fuel tank capacity [l]65
Hydraulic oil tank [l]50
Electrical system
Operating voltage [V]12
Battery isolator switch
Overall length [mm]5500
Center of axle up to the bucket pivot point [mm]876
Wheel base [mm]2050
Rear overhang [mm]1420
Height of low operator's canopy [mm]2190
Height of high operator's canopy [mm]2350
Height of low cabin [mm]2190
Height of high cabin [mm]2400
Total working height [mm]4954
Max. height of the bucket pivot point [mm]4277
Overhead loading height [mm]3950
Dumping height [mm]3465
Scraping depth [mm]138
Total width [mm]1415
Lane width [mm]1125
Ground clearance [mm]294
Maximum radius [mm]3795
Radius on the outer edge [mm]3325
Inside radius [mm]1881
Rollback angle at max. lift height [º]45
Max. angle for bucket emptying [º]32
Rollback angle on the ground [º]39

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