Wheel loader

With the 13 series, Weidemann has achieved great success over the years in the agricultural and equestrian sectors, municipal services, commerce and industry. The model 1380 has been relaunched due to the conversion of the engine to Stage V of the emission standard and, in addition, it has been thoroughly redesigned. With regard to, for example, the motorisation, axles and hydraulic power, the performance of the new Hoftrac 1390 can be perfectly adapted to the corresponding tasks. With our new ecDrive electronically controlled transmission, you will experience new application possibilities and a completely new driving experience. The excellent space available in the driver's position and the cabin is unique in this category.
1390 - Wheel loader
+ Information
Engine data
StandardOption 1Option 2
Model3 TNV 80 FT3 TNV 86 CHT3 TNV 86 CHT
Engine output [kW / CV]18,4 / 2533,3 /45,340,1 / 54,5
At maximum rpm [rpm]260026002600
Cylinders [units]333
Displacement [cm3]122615681568
Exhaust standardStage VStage VStage V
Exhaust after-treatmentNoDOC1 - DPF2DOC1 - DPF2
Work hydraulics pressure [bar]210210210
Work hydraulics discharge volume [l/min]41,649,549,5
Driving hydraulics working pressure [bar]380380380
Operating data
Operating weight [kg]2750 - 3200
Tipping loads****
(According ISO 14397 - EN474-3)
With bucket straight [kg]1810 - 2120
With bucket articulated [kg]1560 - 1810
With pallet fork straight [kg]1560 - 1760
With pallet fork articulated [kg]1310 - 1510

**** Horizontal loading frame

Steering system
SteeringHydraulic articulated pendulum steering
Steering cylinder [units]1
Filling volumes
Fuel tank capacity [l]50
Hydraulic oil tank [l]30
Electrical system
Operating voltage [V]12
Battery isolator switch
Overall length with bucket [mm]447048204630
Total length without bucket [mm]357039103730
Total length with pallet fork [mm]472050704880
Center of axle up to the bucket pivot point [mm]603878720
Wheel base [mm]173217321732
Rear overhang [mm]123012301230
Height of operator's canopy [mm]232023202320
Height of EPS operator's canopy [mm]2375 / 18702375 / 18702375 / 1870
Height of cabin [mm]234023402340
Seat height [mm]133013301330
Total bucket working height [mm]366039303830
Total pallet fork working height [mm]346036503660
Max. height of the bucket pivot point [mm]300432003200
Overhead loading height of the bucket [mm]268028802880
Stacking height of the pallet fork [mm]277029702970
Stacking height of the pallet fork (horizontal lifting frame) [mm]124012401280
Dumping height [mm]212023302380
Scraping depth [mm]80130127
Total width [mm]112411241124
Total width over the roof of protection of the operator [mm]980980980
Total width over cab [mm]102010201020
Lane width [mm]860860860
Ground clearance [mm]250250250
Maximum radius [mm]300031503340
Outer radius [mm]271027102980
Inside radius [mm]152015201810
Articulation angle [º]454540
Oscillating angle [º]888
Rollback angle at max. lift height [º]426557
Max. angle for bucket emptying [º]434237
Rollback angle on the ground [º]515650

All values are with standard tires 10.0/75 - 15.3 AS ET40, 1.150 mm dirt bucket and y 1.000 mm pallet fork
* With loading arm lifting height 3.040 mm (P kinematics)
** With loading arm lifting height 3.200 mm (P kinematics)
*** With loading arm lifting height 3.200 mm (PZ kinematics)

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