1260 LP

Wheel loader

The Weidemann designation LP stands for Low Position. This denomination already has a long tradition and means that the machine has a reduced height and a low center of gravity, characteristics with which it is possible to cross passages with a height of less than 2 m without having to fold down the protective roof. Weidemann has retained these advantages in revising this successful Hoftrac® to become the new 1260LP model, and has also improved stability to make it unbeatable when handling heavy loads, redesigned the driver's position and cab, incorporated a powerful and efficient transmission concept in which all four wheels are driven directly and has added more speed. A maneuverable, agile and powerful machine awaits you!
1260 LP - Wheel loader
+ Information
Engine data
Model403 J-17
Engine output [kW / CV]18,4 / 25
At maximum rpm [rpm]2800
Cylinders [units]3
Displacement [cm3]1663
Exhaust standardStage V
Exhaust after-treatmentNo
Work hydraulics pressure * [bar]185
Work hydraulics pressure ** [bar]225
Work hydraulics pressure *** [bar]225
Work hydraulics discharge volume [l/min]44,8
Driving hydraulics working pressure [bar]420

* Loading arm with lifting height 2.510 mm
** Loading arm with lifting height 2.700 mm
*** Loading arm with lifting height 2.900 mm

Operating data
Operating weight [kg]2100
Tipping loads*
(According ISO 14397 - EN474-3)
With bucket straight [kg]1160 - 1690
With bucket articulated [kg]980 - 1440
With pallet fork straight [kg]890 - 1260
With pallet fork articulated [kg]740 - 1080

* Horizontal loading frame

Steering system
SteeringHydraulic articulated pendulum steering
Steering cylinder [units]1
Filling volumes
Fuel tank capacity [l]18
Hydraulic oil tank [l]18
Electrical system
Operating voltage [V]12
Battery isolator switch
Overall length with bucket [mm]383038304030
Total length without bucket [mm]324032403440
Total length with pallet fork [mm]434043404540
Center of axle up to the bucket pivot point [mm]505505704
Wheel base [mm]167016701670
Rear overhang [mm]955955955
Height of operator's canopy [mm]198019801980
Height of cabin [mm]199019901990
Seat height [mm]100010001000
Total bucket working height [mm]305032303440
Total pallet fork working height [mm]296031503350
Max. height of the bucket pivot point [mm]251027002900
Overhead loading height of the bucket [mm]224024202630
Stacking height of the pallet fork [mm]228024702680
Stacking height of the pallet fork (horizontal lifting frame) [mm]92011101110
Dumping height [mm]179020402240
Scraping depth [mm]120100130
Total width [mm]980980980
Total width across overhead guard [mm]960960960
Total width across cab [mm]102010201020
Lane width [mm]761761761
Ground clearance [mm]208208208
Maximum radius [mm]310030203020
Outer radius [mm]273027302730
Inside radius [mm]161016101610
Articulation angle [º]434343
Oscillating angle [º]888
Rollback angle at max. lift height [º]495047
Max. angle for bucket emptying [º]503940
Rollback angle on the ground [º]484849

All values with standard 27x8.50-15 EM ET30 tires, 1.250mm dirt bucket and 1.000mm pallet fork
* With loading arm lifting height 2.510 mm
** With loading arm lifting height 2.700 mm
*** With loading arm lifting height 2.900 mm

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