5080 T

Tele wheel loader

When it comes to reaching a higher lift height, telescopic wheel loaders are the best choice. In addition to great functionality, a high level of comfort and the highest safety standards, compared to normal wheel loaders with a loading arm, these machines have a telescopic arm that gives them a much higher lifting height and reach. This is where the main advantages such as maneuverability, stability and lifting force, which characterize an articulated wheel loader, also apply to a telescopic wheel loader; that's why they are so successful.
5080 T - Tele wheel loader
+ Information
Engine data
Engine output [kW / CV]100 / 136
At maximum rpm [rpm]2200
Cylinders [units]4
Displacement [cm3]3621
Exhaust standardStage V
Exhaust after-treatmentDPF1 + DOC2 + SCR3

1 DPF: Diesel particulate filter
2 DOC: Diesel oxidation catalytic converter
3 SCR: Selective reduction catalyst

Level 1 [km/h]7
Level 2 [km/h]20
Optional [km/h]30 / 40
Operating data
Operating weight [kg]7200
Tipping loads*
(According ISO 14397 - EN474-3)Retracted / extended
With bucket straight [kg]4365 / 2561
With bucket articulated [kg]3659 / 2133
With pallet fork straight [kg]4103 / 2560
With pallet fork articulated [kg]3448 / 2128

* Horizontal loading frame

Lift cylinder [units]1
Tipping cylinder [units]1
Work hydraulics pressure [bar]235
Work hydraulics discharge volume [l/min]100
Driving hydraulics working pressure [bar]455
Steering system
SteeringHydraulic articulated pendulum steering
Articulation angle [º]42
Oscillating angle [º]± 12
Steering cylinder [units]2
Filling volumes
Fuel tank capacity [l]105
DEF1 tank [l]19
Hydraulic oil tank [l]95
Electrical system
Operating voltage [V]12
Battery isolator switch
Overall length [mm]6396
Total length without bucket [mm]5200
Center of axle up to the bucket pivot point [mm]1245
Wheel base [mm]2189
Rear overhang [mm]1676
Height with cabin [mm]2720
Seating height [mm]1570
Total working height [mm]5839
Max. height of the bucket pivot point [mm]5091
Overhead loading height [mm]4805
Dumping height [mm]4086
Total width [mm]1990
Lane width [mm]1422
Ground clearance [mm]375
Maximum radius [mm]4473
Radius on the outer edge [mm]3928
Inside radius [mm]1629
Rollback angle at max. lift height [º]45
Max. angle for bucket emptying [º]33
Rollback angle on the ground [º]41

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